Important Games marketing tips

Hello, everyone. Have you ever wondered how important marketing in games is? Of course, it’s very cool feeling when people download your games and play. But how you can optimize your marketing and get more downloads? Let’s talk about it!

You’re probably thinking — I’m not have a money for marketing strategy development and game advertising? But: you CAN do it for free (almost). You just need to know where to start promote your game.

1. Let’s get started

Never don’t wait for the game to be released. Start your marketing from early stages of development. The earlier you do — the better. Run your social media, talk with your first small auditory, discuss your project with other developers, contact with press and influencers, create a small website — just make sure to keep all those channels updated.

Where you can do it:

  • Facebook, Instagram, Linked In. Find some community for your project;
  • Game Development Forums (For example:;
  • Contact with Influence Marketing Agencies or Bloggers;

2. Create a small website

Your users need to find all they want to know about your game. Make sure you have a place for it. A website would be a perfect solution and you can create your small website for free. Just find a website builder (for example: wix or site123).

3. Go to the social networks

You can’t ignore a facebook or instagram. Social Media – perfect tool for promotion. You need to create your own page for the game and publish some information about your progress for your auditory. The wider is your presence — the better.

4. Videos

Yes, videos can sell your game. Yes, it will take time and efforts to create a great video, but it is a perfect tool for your game promotion. Just make sure your game trailer is short, exciting and tells your story. It will be much easier for your users to perceive content visually.

5. Creative

Icons, game covers, screenshots, logos, GIFs and any other graphics must be high-quality and fit for all purposes. Make your game’s press kit that you can revert to at any moment and use for any social media, website or publication.

Publishing your game in the store – the name and icon of the game will solve a lot for you. You need not to get lost among thousands of other projects.

6. Press and Influence Marketing

Analyze your market, choose the right resources and people to contact, create a truly awesome description of your game, attach the collaterals and send it out. Your users will try your game if they see influencers they trust talk about it.

7. Crowdsourcing

Try crowdsourcing. Make your pitch good and go for it. You can never tell if your game is going to get great funding. But it will certainly get exposure, which is exactly what you need.

8. ASO-Optimization

Your app, whether it’s indie or not, will be placed among thousands of others. The better you optimize your app page, the more users will be able to find it. Remember — ASO optimization is very important for your game and can bring a lot of traffic from appstores.

9. Events for Game Developers

If you have the opportunity – attend events and exhibitions where a large number of people gather. Your main goal is contact with the audience.

If you don’t have such an opportunity, attend events online, participate in indie games contests and conduct active talks with communities.

10. Talk with Auditory

Communicate with your audience. Respond to comments and reviews, show that you are a living person and you are not indifferent to any opinion. Do not behave aggressively and get the most positive out of communication

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