Ocugine Unity SDK – Open Beta

Hey, everyone!

We launched a test version of Ocugine SDK for Unity in public access. We will be happy to receive feedback from you and suggestions for improving our tools. Speed-up your game development with ready-to-use backend modules. Setup Ocugine by few lines of code.

Currenly Ocugine Unity SDK has these features:

  • Analytics tools;
  • In-Game Chats;
  • User profiles, groups and customized fields;
  • Achievements, Leaderboards and Missions;
  • Crash-Reporting for Unity Games;
  • Cross-Platform cloud saves for your players;
  • In-Game Notifications;
  • In-Game Support System;
  • Policy Management;
  • Cloud Localization;
  • Cloud Databases;
  • Live-Configs;
  • Etc.;

Join us today and get a free 100$ for your project and integration support from our team.

Create your free account by few clicks today.

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